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We are your web-based automated Training Solution. Our complete solution provides Customised and Personalised Business-Specific trainings, as well as a selection of Pre-Made Courses, all completely digitised on our platform.

How can the Bunny Benefit Your Business?

Automate training with TrainingBunny

Training Automation

Our system makes it possible to completely automate your training. We save you valuable time so you can work on your business while our system helps your employees improve their skills.

Leverage Tracking Tools

Leverage Tracking Tools

You can assess metrics, analyse statistics, and monitor your employees’ progress using reports and learning analytics. This may help with KPIs, compliance, labour issues, and general performance management.

Complete Accessibility

Complete Accessibility

Training is available on all devices, at any time and from anywhere. Increasing the speed of knowledge transfer, reducing training time, and boosting business productivity

Cheaper Training Solution

Reduce Costs

Time is money. This system will, among other cost-cutting measures, limit productivity loss, minimize travel, accommodation, and venue costs, and reduce instructor fees.


Our Instructors

To guarantee you receive the highest quality courses, we collaborate with a wide range of industry professionals with specialised knowledge in a variety of topics. Our training material is entirely video-based, ensuring the best possible learning experience.

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Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole of modern corporate training? Experience our solution for yourself to see how the Bunny can help you evolve your training.


Our Story

TrainingBunny was created with a simple vision: “A TrainingBunny Course to upskill every person in Africa.” Inspired by a toddler’s toy, Alice in Wonderland, and the desire to help everyone become the best version of themselves. Allow TrainingBunny to lead you down the modern corporate training rabbit hole. Want to know more? Feel free to read our story.

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