Email Etiquette Foundation Course

This course is for any service based individual or business that wants to be better in dealing with customers and providing quality service. It could be that you would simply like to train some new staff or improve your current employees performance. Either way, we have your back!


What Will I Learn?

  • Improve your overall written English skills
  • See differences and similarities among the different email formats
  • Write more effective subject lines and email text
  • Apply various key language to different types of emails
  • Correct common errors such as punctuation and capitalization
  • Study tone and level of formality in emails
  • Understand how culture affects what is appropriate in a business emails
  • Write powerful business emails for professional needs

Topics for this course

15 Lessons1h


Welcome to the Email etiquette foundations course.00:01:13

Topic 1: Basic requirements for professional emails.

Topic 2: Punctuation and Grammar.

Topic 3: The format of a formal email.

Topic 4: Work culture and email.

Topic 5: Assessment


Target Audience

  • This course is perfect for any employee working with email.
  • Any Person looking to sharpen their email skills.

Includes course videos

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