Managing Alcohol Abuse


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The connection between drinking alcohol and socialising is well known. Most people who drink alcohol never reach the point of an alcohol abuse disorder. However, there are those who drink to the point of intoxication or worse. When someone refuses to address their alcohol binging, they increase their risk of developing alcohol abuse disorder. This course aims to provide impactful knowledge on the dangers of alcohol abuse. It also creates awareness surrounding alcohol abuse at the workplace and discusses how you may seek help if you or anyone you know is in danger caused by alcohol abuse.

What Will I Learn?

  • What is alcohol
  • The effects of alcohol
  • Managing alcohol abuse in the workplace
  • How to seek help for alcohol abuse

Topics for this course

9 Lessons1h

Welcome to the Managing alcohol abuse course


Topic 1: Introduction to alcohol abuse

Topic 2: The effects of alcohol abuse

Topic 3: Alcohol in the workplace

Topic 4: Getting help


Target Audience

  • Individuals struggling with alcohol abuse.
  • Individuals who know someone struggling with alcohol abuse.

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