Time Management Foundation Course

It is very easy to become overwhelmed by a fast and busy lifestyle if it is not structured. The best way to prevent being overwhelmed and a potential burn-out is managing your time. Time management is the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work. It is basically making the most of your time while also knowing what to expect for each day so you are prepared. This course aims to teach you how to manage your time effectively and take control of your day.


What Will I Learn?

  • What is Time Management
  • Time managements personalities
  • Time management tools and skills
  • Time management techniques
  • Time management cycle

Topics for this course

8 Lessons1h

Welcome to Time Management Foundations course


Topic 1: Introduction to Time Management

Topic 2: Being prepared to manage your time

Topic 3: Taking action



Target Audience

  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Persons working in HR or IR
  • Managers
  • Small business owners
  • Individuals
  • Anyone looking to master the art of Time management

Includes course videos

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