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TrainingBunny is a web based automated training solution for all sized enterprises. We create customised training for your business, and convert it into digitised courses complete with assessments on our platform. Train your employees conveniently, affordably, automatically, and keep track of progress via analytics. Power growth, reduce costs and increase profits.

What we do

Corporate Training

Automate the training of your organisation with the creation of customised courses for your specific business. Our powerful capabilities and analytics allows you total control over your organisation’s training, while keeping track of progress made. Our platform can be used for all types of training.

Individual Courses

As part of our belief in opening education for all people of Africa, we also allow members of the public or any other individual to enroll in some of our courses. Our courses cover a wide range of topics . Sharpen your skills and fuel personal growth with one of our free or paid courses.


We believe in empowering others, and that’s why we open our technology to other individuals, groups, or institutions that’s interested in utilising the e-learning capabilities of our platform to digitise or create learning content. Earn by selling courses. Register as an instructor, and become a bunny.

Meet our corporate subscriptions


for the small business
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1 – 15 Employees

N$ 3 999 p/m*


for the medium sized business
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16 – 49 Employees

N$ 6 999 p/m*


for the large corporate
50 – 99 Employees

N$ 14 999 p/m*


for the giants
100+ Employees

Unique Price

What courses & trainings does our platform offer?

On our platform you will find a wide variety of courses. These can range from corporate style courses, creative courses, mental health courses, to agricultural courses. Whatever your training requirement we have a course to offer you.

Hydroponics and Aquaponics

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By Agra ProVision

N$ 1000

Learn the basics of Hydroponics and Aquaponics with this course form Agra ProVision.

Budgeting Basics Course

By TrainingBunny


This course aims to give you the necessary tools that allow you to create your own budget.

Mental Health in the Workplace

By Being Well Psychology

N$ 399

Improve your mental health with this fantastic course from Being Well Psychology.

Meet TrainingBunny Certificates

Keep track of the soft skills you’ve developed by using our platform with TrainingBunny certificates. Boost your employee morale and confidence, or simply add it to your CV. TrainingBunny certificates is now available for all our generic courses.

What is TrainingBunny?

Digitise, Automate, Grow…

Our mission is to revolutionise modern learning, and in so doing assist businesses and individuals upskill their employees and themselves with practical day to day skills, in an affordable, holistic, and convenient manner. We do this by providing a web based automated training solution to help guide users down the rabbit hole of modern corporate training and eLearning.

What do you need to use TrainingBunny?

Eagerness to Learn

An eagerness to learn, and a desire to better yourself with education is a must for using our platform.

Account / Subscription

If you’re a business you will need one of our subscription packages. If you’re an individual you will need a user account.

Smart Device

To use our platform you will need any device with internet access. This includes computers, smartphones and tablets.

Internet Connection

Because we’re a web based platform, you will need an internet connection. Any internet connection will suffice.

We offer a complete video production service…

We offer a complete video production service for any type of training or educational course, should you be interested in creating videos for your course.

What makes TrainingBunny so great?


We provide custom and holistic training solutions.


Embrace the future with training automation.


Assess knowledge gained with quizzes.

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Log training data with powerful analytics.

Train Anywhere

Train from any device, anywhere on earth.

User Friendly

Our platform is easy to use and very user friendly.

Cost Effective

Our solutions is cost effective & sustainable.

Powerful Capabilities

Reach many employees on scale with our platform.

Security & Privacy

We offer a secure and private training platform.

Research & Feedback

Gather research data with automated forms.

Downloadable Files

Our platform can deliver downloadable content.

Fast Content Delivery

Our platform can deliver any type of content efficiently.

Why the Bunny ?

Inspired by a toddler’s toy, Alice in Wonderland, and the desire to assist every individual become the best version of themselves, TrainingBunny was created with a simple vision, “A TrainingBunny Course to upskill every person in Africa”. We know this sounds ambitious, so to find out how we plan on doing that please feel free to read our story.

Brands that trust us

TrainingBunny is proudly Namibian

Yes that’s right, TrainingBunny is a proud Namibian technology startup founded by a group of entrepreneurs passionate about learning, training, and growth. We’re a training solution created by Namibians for Namibians.

Join the TrainingBunny family today…

If your interested in any of our services or you want to start implementing TrainingBunny for your business please feel free to get in touch with us and we can chat a little more…

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