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Share your knowledge, contribute meaningfully to society. Are you an expert in any field ? Why not create a course, register as an instructor, sell it, and make some cash on TrainingBunny.

Why Become an Instructor?

Share your Knowledge

Share your Knowledge

Share what you know with the rest of the world by creating a course that others can take. Whatever your expertise may be, you can create a course on our platform and share it with others.

Empower Others

Empower Others

Help others by giving them the tools they need to become the best versions of themselves. Knowledge is power, so your course can help empower others.


Cheaper Training Solution

Earn Passive Income

No one says you have to do it for free. You can monetise and sell your course on our platform, allowing you the opportunity to earn some cash.


Digitise Training

Digitise Training

If you have existing trainings or courses, our platform allows you to digitise it.

How do I become an Instructor?

Inorder to guarantee high quality training content, we collaborate with industry experts who have specialised knowledge and experience in their respective fields. We encourage industry professionals to get in touch with us should they want to make their training digital and expand their reach.


Creating Training Content

TrainingBunny takes pride in it’s ability to produce high quality content in consultation with its customers and instructors. We’ve found that educational videos, when designed right, create an engaging learning experience. Video lectures also give users more control of the pace of learning. Hence, our training material is entirely video-based, ensuring the most convenient learning experience. Downloadable resources can also be included to supplement the video content.

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How do I Monetise?

A good question…. Generally we use a revenue sharing approach as a means to compensate instructors for hosting their course on our platform. However compensation is not enough. It is in our interests that both parties profit from a collaboration. This allows for a discussion to create terms that are favorable towards both TrainingBunny and the instructor.

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