Inspired by the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland

Inspired by a toddler’s toy, Alice in Wonderland, and the desire to assist every individual become the best version of themselves, TrainingBunny was created with a simple vision, “A TrainingBunny Course to upskill every person in Africa”. Let TrainingBunny be your guide down the rabbit hole of modern corporate training…


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How it all began...

Once upon a time not to long ago, the creator of TrainingBunny sat in a meeting and noticed that the admin assistant responsible for taking the minutes did not know how to use a word processor effectively. This saddened him, and he took it upon himself to teach her. Unfortunately time was not on his side, and he failed to teach her in an efficient and effective manner. Although he failed to teach her, the motivation for helping her become better prevailed.  he went in search of some reading and came across the March Hare, a character in Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland, and just like that an idea was born. An idea that sought to answer the question: “How can we solve the serious basic skill shortage encountered in the Namibian workforce on a daily basis ?” The answer came in the form of an automated web based training solution, specifically designed for the Namibian business owner and his or her employees, to help develop practical, on the job skills. Just like the March Hare was Alice’s guide down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, we are there to guide you down the rabbit hole of modern Namibian corporate training. Welcome to TrainingBunny.


Our Vision

A TrainingBunny course to upskill every person in Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionise modern learning, and in so doing assist businesses and individuals upskill their employees and themselves with practical day to day skills, in an affordable, holistic, and convenient manner. We do this by providing a web based automated training solution to help guide users down the rabbit hole of modern corporate training and eLearning.

Our Values



We believe in pushing innovation and constantly coming up with solutions to problems.




We believe in simplicity and minimalism in order to provide the most seamless user experience.




We enjoy what we do very much, and we’re very passionate, so we believe in having fun while we’re making a difference.



Value Centricity

A big part of our business is aimed at helping reduce costs and increasing profits for businesses by providing cost effective solutions that ad value.



Growth Mindset

We believe in a growth mindset to constantly push the boundaries of our expertise.


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