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Share your knowledge, contribute meaningfully to society. Are you an expert in any field ? Why not create a course, register as an instructor, sell it, and make some cash on TrainingBunny.

Why become an instructor?

Share your Knowledge

Share what you know with the rest of the world by creating a course that others can take. Whatever your expertise may be, you can create a course on our platform and share it with others.

Empower Others

Help others by giving them the tools they need to become the best versions of themselves. Knowledge is power, so your course can help empower others.

Earn Money

No one says you have to do it for free. You can monetise and sell your course on our platform, allowing you the opportunity to earn some cash.

Digitise Training

If you have existing trainings or courses, our platform allows you to digitise it.

How does it work?

Step 1

Create your course

The first step is to create your course. Feel free to be creative when deciding what you want to make your course about. We don’t want to tell you what to do, but courses targeted towards the corporate sector has the most value.

Step 2

Create your course content

The next step is to create your course content. Our platform content can be in the form of text, images and video content. Should you require assistance with creating your course content, we will gladly help. We also offer full video production services to help make your course videos.

Step 3:

Create your assessments

Just teaching others won’t suffice, therefore it is crucial to test knowledge gained. This can be done with our assessments/quiz feature. Create your assesments to evaluate knowledge gained.

Step 4:

Publish & sell your course

Finally we will upload your completed course to our platform and register you as an instructor. We will then publish your course and others can now purchase and enroll in your course and begin their learning.

You don’t have to do it alone…

TrainingBunny offers support to those wishing to sell their courses. We will help guide you down the entire process. We even offer complete video production services allowing you to create fully immersive courses.

How much does it cost?

Just like you, every TrainingBunny course is unique. That’s why all our courses are priced individually. You will find that we not only have a selection of our own unique courses, but also plenty of courses from instructors (some of them you might know already). Some of our courses are completely free, and some of them are paid courses. Course prices range from less that N$ 100 to thousands of dollars, so please feel free to browse our course section to find the prices of all our courses.

Set-up Fees

We charge a once off setup fee to upload your courses onto our platform. The nature of your course will determine your setup fee. Setup fees start from N$ 3 999 per course excluding video production.

We offer a complete video production service…

We offer a complete video production service should you be interested in creating videos for your course. Kindly take note that video production will raise your setup fee. Video production starts at N$ 4 999 per course.

Usage Fees

We know people love choices, and we as a business feels its always good to give its users options. Therefore we offer two types of pricing structures.

Commission Based

Our commission based pricing structure offers a simple 50 – 50 commission split on all courses you sell through our platform…

Subscription Based

If you would rather go for our subscription based pricing plan and pay a monthly fee, please see our monthly subscription based packages below…


for the small institution
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1 – 15 Students

N$ 3 999 p/m*


for the medium sized institution
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 23-1.png
16 – 49 Students

N$ 6 999 p/m*


for the large institution
50 – 99 Students

N$ 14 999 p/m*


for the giants
100+ Students

Unique Price

Join the TrainingBunny Instructor family today…

If you want to get started with uploading your course to TrainingBunny please get in touch with us and give us a little more information about your course.

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