Terms & Conditions

For Users:


1.1. All information (including personal information) provided to us on registration, on creating an account, or while accessing Courses, must be true, accurate and complete. You are also responsible for updating us in the event of a change to your information (for example, your name or address). All personal information will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy. 

1.2. Users will have access to:

1.2.1. Unique Username & Password.

1.2.2. Unique Account.

1.2.3. A unique user specific student dashboard.

1.2.4. Their relevant enrolled courses.

1.2.5. Relevant course information including text, image, and video based content.

1.2.6. All course specific downloadable resources.

1.2.7. Technical support.

1.3. Login Attempts

A user’s account will be disabled after 5 failed login attempts. Please email us at support@trainingbunny.com for further instructions on how to regain access to your account.

1.4. Duration of Access to Courses

1.4.1. Upon enrolment, users are by default given 2 weeks (14 days) of access and complete their course, unless agreed otherwise.

1.4.2. In the event that unforeseen circumstances obstruct the user’s access to their course. An extension shall be granted in order to remedy such obstruction.

1.4.3. TrainingBunny reserves the right to deregister a user from a course after the period of 2 weeks (14 days) has lapsed.

1.5. Browser requirements

We recommend that you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari as your internet browser when accessing Trainingbunny.com. Although this is not an absolute requirement, we have found that these web browsers perform best for ease of access to our Course material. Our platform will not work on Internet Explorer.

1.6. Language

English is the primary language of instruction and administration for current Courses, and all coursework that is required for assessment purposes must be written in English, unless indicated otherwise. Within a reasonable time we intend to broaden the scope of language of instruction.


2.1 Course Fees

When you enrol for a TrainingBunny Course, you agree to pay the applicable Course fee prior to gaining access to such course. We reserve the right to change any Course fees at any time at our sole discretion.

2.2 Methods of Payment

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Bank Transfers (EFT)
  • Cash payments
  • Digital Wallets
  • Vouchers/ Coupons

2.3 Bank Charges

If any bank charges, wire fees and/or other costs are levied on or added to a payment made by you to us from any country or jurisdiction, you will be liable for all such bank charges, fees and/or additional costs.

2.4 Payment Reference

When making payment to us, you must ensure that your payment is correctly made-out and your invoice number (to which the payment relates) is reflected on your payment. We will not be held liable if we are unable to locate your payment, and as a result you may be suspended from participation in a Course.


3.1. Enrolment into a course does not transfer to the user, any ownership or proprietary rights over the course content or any part thereof.

3.2. The course material subscribed to will remain the intellectual property of TrainingBunny and its instructors/ associates.

3.3. Users are prohibited from doing the following:

3.3.1. Making available copies of the Course content (or any portion thereof) on a network server, web server, or another website, for use/examination by others;

3.3.2. Using, displaying or otherwise making available the Course content (or any portion thereof), or any other materials, to third parties in an electronic or print format that enables it to be downloaded or distributed to any third party via a mobile device, or shared in any peer-to-peer or similar file sharing arrangement, or enabling the distribution of the Course content by any other means;

3.3.3. Sublicensing, reselling, renting, lending, assigning, ceding, donating or otherwise transferring or distributing the Course content or your rights granted to you under these Terms

3.3.4. Reverse engineering, decompiling, or disassembling any software that is contained within Course content or on the Online Campus; and

3.3.5. Removing any notice of copyright, trademark or any other proprietary right from any place where it is displayed on or embedded in the Course content 

3.3.6. TrainingBunny and its associates reserve the right to institute legal action against a user who distributes or attempts to distribute the exclusive course material hosted on Trainingbunny.com without prior consent.


4.1 Bunny Digital Solutions CC shall provide technical support to all of its users as and when it is required.

4.2 Live technical support will be available Mondays to Fridays 07:30 – 17:00(GMT +2)

4.3 Should a major crisis or emergency deem it fit, and when it is justified, support will be available for technical support after the hours stated in 4.2.

4.4 Our technical support channels include:

  • WhatsApp support on +264 81 432 8132
  • Telephonic support on +264 81 432 8132
  • Email support on support@trainingbunny.com

4.5 Should our support channels or details change, Bunny Digital Solutions will notify the relevant stakeholders of these changes.


5.1. Bunny Digital Solutions CC takes great care in ensuring that strict guidelines are employed to enhance the integrity and security of our platform for the common purpose of safeguarding all information and data hosted on our platform and systems.

5.2. Bunny Digital Solutions CC security features on trainingbunny.com extends to but is not limited to:

5.2.1. Our website, checkout process, and content is secured by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate.

5.2.2. User information, checkout process, and content is secured by utilising encryption features.

5.2.3. All our devices are secured by reliable and capable anti-virus software.

5.2.4. Our platform content is regularly backed up and stored securely.

5.2.5. We utilise various types of security software which serves as a layer of protection against brute force hacking attacks and attempts.

5.2.7. For security reasons we also have server side security features and functionalities which ensures safety and protection against any type of malware or spyware attacks.

5.3. Although we take great care and pride in the security of our platform, Bunny Digital Solutions CC cannot be held liable for any infiltrations, leaks or breaches of our system and platform that extends beyond our control.

5.4. Should any security breaches occur, Bunny Digital Solutions CC shall notify users of such occurrences as soon as reasonably possible, and take the necessary remedial action to rectify this.


6.1. Due to the nature of our business, trainingbunny.com and Bunny Digital Solutions CC collects user information. We receive and store certain information automatically through user interaction with our site. 

6.2. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at this link https://trainingbunny.com/privacy/.

6.3. Using any of our services shall be deemed as acceptance of our Privacy Policy.


7.1. Due to the unpredictable nature of modern internet technologies, situations might arise that are beyond our control and cause our web based platform to be down for brief periods of time.

7.2. Although Bunny Digital Solutions CC will always attempt to rectify issues as soon as possible, a situation might arise that causes our platform to be down due to factors beyond our control. 

7.3. Should such an occurrence take place, Bunny Digital Solutions CC shall attempt to rectify such issues as soon as possible.

7.4. Bunny Digital Solutions shall in no way be held liable for Site outage beyond its control.

7.5. Due to the nature of the business, trainingbunny.com and Bunny Digital Solutions CC will necessarily have to conduct occasional maintenance and regular updates to ensure the continued functionality, security, integrity, and stability of our platform. 

7.6. In the majority of cases these maintenance and update activities will go unnoticed by users/students, and will not disrupt the functionalities of the platform. 

7.7. Bunny Digital Solutions CC reserves the right to shut down the platform for maintenance whenever it sees fit or is required.

7.8. Shutting down the platform will never be done arbitrarily or maliciously. It will only ever be done as a last resort when no other form of maintenance is possible.

7.9. Should the platform ever need to be shut down for maintenance, the affected parties shall be notified of this well in advance.


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